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By 2026 – 75% of UK Consumers Will Mostly Do Their Shopping Online

In 2015, more than €3.652 for online goodies was provided by the average British online consumer. The eCcommerce Foundation expects the UKeCommerce market will reach €174bn in 2016.Most UK consumers are likely to do most of their shopping online within the upcoming 10 years.

The UK Ecommerce Market

Global online revenue is still around 10% with regard to total overall retail sales.Based on a survey conducted by Alastair Lockhart, insight director for Leeds, marketing research firm “Savvy Marketing” based in England, UK consumer demands are going to change drastically. The report shows 95% of consumers using Internet have chosen to shop online at least once within the last6 months. 75% are expected to do their shopping online by 2026.

In 2015, the number of UK online consumers jumped by 4.3%, meaning €157.1bn was brought about by81% of UK online shoppers. As a result, the UK got the highest eGDP in Europe. As for merchants in the US and Canada, eMerchantBrokeroffers the best payment processing options to help you grow your online business. EMBis voted the #1 high risk merchant account provider in the US and boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Interestingly, UK online consumers regard advertising quite useful. What is more, theyare eager to make a purchase if they find quality, price, branding, design, or other features of products beneficial. Particularly, UK consumers think free shipping costs are as important as fast delivery. They will not hesitate to make a complaint and protect their consumer rights if their expectations are not met.

Modern Retail Market

According to Lockhart, the modern retail world is trying to meet the expectations of today’s and tomorrow’s shoppers. As the tech savvy generation express high expectations, retailers shouldpromote shoppers both online and offline or instore, simultaneously providing theinformation required for sales conversion.

When it comes to UK consumers’ shopping preferences, laptops are the main option they choose to shop online.76% use a laptopfor online shopping. 74% of younger consumers among 18-24 years oldshop online via their smartphones.

According to Erik van den Heuvel, Chief Marketing Officer at About-Payments, the MasterCard and Visa interchange fees were capped in the UK,as of December 9, 2015. The interchange fees regarding domestic credit card payments are now capped at 0.30%, and debit card payments at 0.20%. Moreover, the interchange fee for a debit card transaction in an eCommerce environment is capped at £1.00, no matter what the transaction amount is. Eventually, the caps will makemerchant fees go down. This would be beneficial to card usage and acceptance in the years to come.

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Online Lingerie Shopping India – What is The Result?

Every man and woman has their needs and they should not be ignored. Most people think sexual desires are taboo and should not be tapped in to. The reality is the complete opposite. Everything that happens in the bedroom; stays in the bedroom! But, it should be consulted. Many women like to dress up and explore the realms of sex toys with their partner but are restricted from doing so for a variety of reasons. If you are one of those unfortunate women take the plunge and do not be scared. The first step in doing so is to go online lingerie shopping india.

To those who still have no idea about what lingerie is; lingerie is a sexy clothing piece that accentuates everything about you. It provides sexual pleasure for your partner and boosts your confidence a thousand times. The best thing about online lingerie shopping india is that you can try on so many different colors and designs and types. But always remember to get one which has good texture and doesn’t cause you any negative effect. Really, there is nothing that can confine the amount of lingerie designs there are. You can use these sexy little pieces for any time you want. Surprise your spouse on your honeymoon night, after a long tiring day and also birthday treats are really a treat.

You can use lingerie for every time you feel naughty and there is always a huge variety for you to choose form. One day try corsets, the other skimpy. You can even go for costume lingerie! Make your partner’s dreams come true! One can go on and on about how amazing lingerie is but do not forget about the other pleasures you can delve in to apart from just lingerie. Sex toys are a fantastic idea to include to your excitement. Men and women there is actually nothing you should be ashamed of! Sex toys are normal to use and they add to the excitement and pleasure for both you and your partner.

A few to mention would be vibrators, dildos, sex dice, nipple clamps and whips. None of these toys are harmful or dangerous in any way for it entirely depends on how you or your partner uses them. Not just that but after you get the hang of them and know exactly what turns you on, everything turns to a whole new level of intensity and pleasure. It is all about knowing what is right and wrong for you. You can see by now, how many territories you can explore just by letting your guard down, putting on a sexy lingerie piece and showing your partner what they like.

It is just worth mentioning that whatever happens in the bedroom, stays there! So be as wild as you want.

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Shopping on the internet is frequently a helpful approach to find some of the absolute best deals and rebate offers realistic. The web has tossed open new parkways to acquiring fundamental products at fair costs. In light of the district and additionally the open stores in the area, it even permits individuals the chance to purchase from stores that are not presenting adjacent. With the presentation of Online Discount Vouchers, similar to Amazon Promotional Code, for instance discounts up to 30% OFF handbags it is effortlessly conceivable to shop live on the web from the casual solace of your home and spare money on those quite required items.

Online Vouchers are like special vouchers or value cut deals which are offered in a store amid deal periods. The significant contrast is that the Internet Vouchers are connected to the online buy as opposed to a buy at a physical store. As a rule, these reduced costs are just open to customers online and are not exhibited when purchasing disconnected.

Buyers are qualified for various funds relying upon the kind of Voucher utilized. Some Voucher Codes can permit you to spare fifteen or twenty percent from the underlying cost of a stock, while different Vouchers can offer around thirty percent or considerably more in cost reserve funds. Aside from physical items, Discount Vouchers might be utilized to chop down the expenses of administrations like lodgings, aircraft tickets and other excursion uses. There are currently an expanding number of individuals utilizing Discount Codes online to book their occasions at cheap costs.

Right now, it will be useful to clarify the way toward making utilization of Online Vouchers to get value diminishments when buying from a webpage. A Promotional Voucher will routinely contain a code with a mix of letters and numbers. At the point when a buyer finds an item or administration he needs to secure and chooses it for procurement; that item gets to be added to the site’s shopping wicker container and the purchaser is demonstrated a connection to snap and continue to the point of installment to pay for the thing.

At registration, there will be a space for the purchaser to enter the Discount Code. After the code is approved by the site, the cost of the thing will be marked down and the equalization to be paid will be lessened. The client can then pay for the thing at the brought down expense and be fulfilled by the rebate got.

Sites will for the most part allow stand out Discount Voucher Code to be utilized per exchange. This suggests, a buyer can’t utilize two or considerably more Discount Vouchers in one single exchange trying to get greater investment funds from that buy.

Making great utilization of Voucher Codes on web locales for our essential buys can bring about entirely critical reserve funds toward the end of every year. It’s along these lines worth the while to contribute some time looking on the web for an appropriate Discount Voucher before we proceed to complete our greatly required shopping.

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Jewellery Items Add to Any Type of Outfit You Wear

Jewellery is an important item to most women, in part because there are so many options available that it is likely no two women will have the same pieces. Jewellerycan come in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and a host of silver-coloured options that include platinum, rhodium and sterling silver. Whether you need a small ring that you can wear every day, or larger bracelets and necklaces that match certain outfits, most women find that having a large selection of jewellery on-hand is both fun and necessary. In fact, many women purchase jewellery at the same time they purchase clothing, so they can have an entire outfit that matches. These days,jewellery companies offer such a wide variety of products that it is possible to visit them on a regular basis and see something different each time. Furthermore, sincejewellery companies are so competitive, most of them offer high-quality products at very reasonable prices.

Jewellery Companies Make Buying their Products Easy

Jewellery companies offer a wide selection of jewellery items, including bracelets, rings, necklaces, ankle bracelets, earrings and much more. Most offer products made of various materials and in numerous styles, and many specialise in a certain brand of products. For example, some jewellery stores offer a full line of Ti Sento products, which come from Milan and are exquisitely designed and decorated. Ti Sento products are all made with high-quality rhodium-plated sterling silver and are attractive, stylish and fun to wear. Ti Sento bracelets include both regular bracelets and bangles, in designs that include both thick and thin bracelets, and bracelets that are smooth, plain and uniquely decorated. Some of the bracelets come accented with a stone such as turquoise or pearl, and some are made with beads, pearls or other stones, but they all have one thing in common – they are well-made and reasonably priced.

Ti Sento Products Are Well-known for Their Quality and Designs

Ti Sento products are known around the world for their quality, unique designs and reasonable prices. They offer not only bracelets, but also rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces. Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, and whether you like jewellery in basic colours or various hues and styles, you can find somethingyou like when you choose to shop at a store that offers this brand of products. From plain, solid coloured bracelets to rings with large, bright stones in them, Ti Sento offers something for everyone at prices everyone can afford.

It is easy to view full-colour photographs of these products if you start your search online. These companies’ sites give you all the information you need to make a decision, including prices, and many will also allow you to order the products directly from their site. Regardless of your personal preferences, companies like Ti Sento will make sure you get what you want in a piece of jewellery. Starting your research with the websites of the companies that sell this product is an excellent first step to finding the perfect piece of jewellery for you.


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Sexy Swimwear Helps You To Stand Out On The Beach

Beach trip may serve as an excellent getaway of your busy daily life, when you want to unwind and relax. There are several ways available to enjoy your beach trip, but few of them make your trip comfortable and fun. If you want to know about the specialized thing, you can visit the best online website where you can see an exclusive collection of sexy bathing suits.


These are most stylish and perfect outfits for women who want to get completely set for the dazzling and sizzling beach look. Many females face lots of difficulties while choosing their swimwear and cover-ups, because there are many styles, designs and sizes available to select from. The inappropriate selection not only creates some hassles, but also completely affects your beach trip. In order to avoid the inconvenience, you can check lots of essential aspects before purchasing any swimwear. Size is one of the most important considerations that help you to choose the comfortable and perfect cover-ups and swimwear without any confusion.  The swimming suits for female can break and make the look. This can either make you appear plain fat or accentuate the curves.


Stylish Swim Suits

It is very essential to select the right style and fit of beach suit that will suit the body type. If you want to achieve the desired results, you can gather lots of useful information regarding the latest and highly sophisticated swim suits. VIPme is an effective and superior internet platform that includes a unique collection of highly attractive and sexy bathing suits. These swimming wears are available in numerous colors, designs, styles and sizes, so you can choose the best and right suit based on your individual requirements. The most durable and high quality bathing wears are available at very reasonable prices.  Normally, middle aged and plus size women can have fewer choices than female with the well-maintained bodies. For this reason, the plus size women are seeking for the perfect destination. In order to meet their requirements, the specialized online store comes with an extensive range of highly comfortable swim suits.


Buy Attractive Cover-Ups Online

The most stylish and effective swim suits includes casual and chic look, so you can wear it without any uncertainty.  Along with this, it also allows you to enjoy your beach trip and water games in an outstanding manner.  If you want to obtain these ultimate benefits, you can buy the Sexy Swimwear & Coverups Plus Size online.  The specially designed and high quality bathing suits are made with high quality fabrics. Along with this, it also includes attractive designs and exclusive colors that surely attract everyone in the beach.  When you visit the online website, you can check the features, color, size, design and other details clearly. These are the most important details that help you to purchase the highly appropriate and eye-catching swim suits easily.  The online website not only includes some useful information, but also allows you to save money. Therefore, using the best and reliable online website is a simple and affordable way to buy your favorite swimming suit quickly and easily.

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Set up safe and cozy sleeping area for your baby

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If you are having bay in your home, then you should take many safer and secured measures in order to ensure that your baby is comfort at your zone. There are many verities of baby cradles are available in the market. It is very easy to choose the best kind of cradle from the retail shops. From the earlier period itself all babies are put to sleep only in the cradles which are moist comfort zone to them since the baby needs a most comfortable and warm place to lie. Mothers are taking care for these kinds of matter and select the cradles with great care. The cradle should be very much important on for the baby. It will lie inside it, sleep, lie and make a relaxation only inside the cradles. When the mother swings the cradles gently then it definitely gives the baby a warm air which is good sign to have the baby deep sleep.

Get handmade cradle

Since there are many verities of product often introducing in the market it is very much important. Always the handmade works places the special places out of it all. The handmade work is really very good than the machine work. In machined work we are unable to predict its quality f the product the working condition and the technology of the machine shows the quality of the final product. Only after we have used the product we are able to tell its quality. But in the handmade product it   is very much easier to find out the high quality of the product. Therefore many people are introducing the cradle work in short range of art work. If you are having the baby with you n home then make a plan to have the organic Hanging Crib. In Hammock Company the disability people are making these kinds of hundred percents pure cotton with ethic wood cradles through handmade process is available. The strap, handle bar and cushion are all very neat and original. Therefore it is very sure that this kind of cradle is very much interesting to have in your home. Not only are the cradles in this site you able to buy the cotton soft chair and swings even for adult people.  

In cradle also now organic handmade cradles came to market. But it is very difficult to acquire the original product. All the organic product are really hundred percent true and pure. The sustainable wood works are very pure to use and also it is very much healthy in order to have the best work. Buying in online method is now a day not an alternative thing. Most of the people are acquiring their needs and desire only through the only mode. Since now a day many online sites are available people are getting confuse about sort out the real site.  Visit the internet sites in order to learn how to buy cradles which is very good to have the baby. Read review before you place an order for the product.

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Learn about the different designs of diamond pendants

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When it comes to buying new diamond jewellery, plenty of questions arise in our mind. Like which kind of designs are in fashion today, which is the right place to buy it, which are essential parameters one need to consider and many other queries like these. Diamond ornaments never go out of fashion, so you cannot be wrong while choosing a diamond pendant; however, you have to match your pendant with your outfits, makeup, and other jewellery. To give you an expert opinion in order to make you choose the latest designs of diamond pendants, the following section has been designed with suggestions, tips and advice.

Solitaire: Solitaire diamond pendant designs are made with mostly brilliant round cut, princess or emerald cut. This kind of designs is most popular in diamond pendant design.

Star Shape: In the mid of 80s, star-shaped diamond pendant had been introduced for the first time. That trend becomes today’s tradition.

Heart Shapes: A heart-shaped pendant can be a great gift to give your wife or girlfriend. To make it a greatest and sweetest gift, jewellery manufacturers offer to make it in yellow gold, white gold as well as platinum.

Insects: These days you do not have to be formal always with a diamond pendant. In order create a funny or theme look you can wear diamond pendant shaped like spider or butterfly.

Animals: If you want to draw some extra attention you can try a diamond pendant shaped like panda bears, penguins, etc.

Religious: It is always a great option to stand by your own colour. Wearing a diamond pendant shaped like the cross, Star of David, sign of Allah or Om really means a lot and lets other know what you believe in.

Keys: Few year earlier Skeleton pendants were a trend. Just like that latest designs of pendants are the diamond key pendants.

Locket: A locket covered in diamond makes us fell the romance of conventional epoch with the luxury. Lovers always consider this as an ideal gift.

Peace Ring: Peace jewellery and pendant are in fashion since the rise of John Lennon in 60s. Anyone from any different background or age can wear a peace sign pendant with a long cord.

Tropical: Tropical pendant is ideal for those who want to enjoy the blues of rain or the cuddling in the winter with a diamond pendant. Pendant shaped like crabs, palm trees are always hot in fashion.

The next big question here, what is the ideal place to shop these kinds of trendy pendants. To purchase a diamond pendant you can choose both physical shops and online stores like You will get plenty of reputed online shopping sites on the internet which offer free trials or free home delivery. If you want to purchase jewellery from an offline jewellery house then you can use directories to find a reputed jewellery shop near you.

As you know jewellery designs and fashion trends change often so it is suggested to do your research to know the latest diamond pendants.

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Custom Bobble Heads – Acting on an Idea

It’s been said a great deal of times before that a smart thought for custom bobble heads is a goldmine of chances. This is particularly valid in the event that you anticipate utilizing the hand crafted dolls to advance yourself or your business. There are individuals who are getting a charge out of soaring prominence and they’ll be the ones who will let you know that bobble heads assumed a major part. They had a smart thought for them and they followed up on that thought with the assistance of a solid custom puppet maker.


In the no nonsense universe of showcasing and advancements, a great and crisp thought can push you past your rivals. This is the motivation behind why many people take part in meetings to generate new ideas to concoct a thought for advancing themselves or their organizations. Some individuals are out and out fortunate to have a thought pop in their heads without truly attempting. A ton of these thoughts incorporate custom bobbleheads dolls. So in the event that you have a thought for a procedure utilizing them, individuals will instruct you to follow up on that open door. It’s anything but difficult to succeed utilizing bobble head dolls and in the event that you have a decent methodology to run with it, then achievement will come effectively. Simply recall to request the assistance of a solid custom bobblehead producer.

It’s not by any stretch of the imagination a matter of blazing the midnight oil attempting to consider thoughts and procedures. It can be truly simple to utilize custom puppets. The issue is many individuals have this thought of utilizing hand crafted bobble head dolls but then they don’t proceed with it. For the most part, this is a result of falsehood. They some of the time surmise that it wouldn’t work or it’s difficult to make it work.

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Detailed guide on how to effectively find and use coupon codes online

Applying coupon codes is a simple approach to spare cash on the web, yet most customers neglect to exploit them. It’s a bother to leave a website you are shopping while you have things in your online cart just to search for a coupon code.

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Coupon codes or promo codes has the potential to provide you with a lot ways to save money in the long run. Most coupon codes apply to your online shopping by reducing fee of or enabling free shipping while other codes might help in saving money on your total order. Some retailers will promote their in order to boost purchase rate but these types of deals aren’t really beneficial most times. The other majority of retailers always post their coupon codes on offsite for customers to search for and save money.

Fortunately, coupon codes are very popular on the internet and some sites are solely aimed ar providing active coupon links and codes. Coupon sites are generally classified by brand or retailer and will mostly inform you on each code’s success rating. This is very helpful as it aids you in determining if the rate of success the codes have recorded. Sometimes, coupon code sites give links to special promotions retailers have kept on hidden landing pages, but can be accessed via the links.

How to Find Coupon Codes Online
One can discover coupon codes online in three ways: by means of web search tools, utilizing mechanized shopping tools, or direct from coupon code destinations. Before you scan for coupon codes, you ought to comprehend what brands you are hoping to purchase and what retailers you need to shop. It’s additionally a smart thought to have a pen and paper helpful to scribble down coupon codes, and another program window in which you can open different tabs.

In case you need to locate the best types of coupons, it’s best to start with a web index. Just type in the retailer’s name or brand with the expressions “discount codes” “promo codes,” or “coupon codes,”. The outcomes you get from seeking a brand or retailer and the expression “coupon codes” will be not quite the same as the outcomes you get looking with the expression “promo codes,” so it’s best to attempt two or more searches. The more alternatives you need to locate the best coupon code, the better your odds are of sparing the most cash, and of finding a code that most enough applies to your up and coming buy.

You can likewise discover coupon codes with computerized shopping tools for example, price comparison tools and aggregate coupon tools. These instruments are robotized program plug-ins that naturally show coupon codes when you arrive on retailer destinations, or when you experience an online checkout. The tools help to locate the best coupon code from over the Web, to in a split second spare you time and cash. Preferably, they ought to be utilized when you are more resolved to shop at a specific retailer than you are to purchase a particular item.

You can combine mechanized shopping tools with other coupon code searching techniques to guarantee you’re getting the best possible deal. It’s best to attempt diverse computerized shopping toolss before you shop and see which one best fits your requirements. Utilize one tools during a period when you shop, as having excessively numerous shopping program additional items can bring about entanglements with how the instruments work and how sites load.

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Who says that The French Revolution was the biggest change in the history? Has anyone seen it with their own eyes? Or can you still feel its impression today?

Well, history is something that brought changes for the present generation, but the witnesses do not actually exist today. Huh! How can I then appreciate it when my friends and I really haven’t seen anything changing. Gradually, history chapters changed, and today’s books hold new chapters that at least my grandparents have come across, plus, they narrate the same stories as well.

NOW, let me tell you one thing about the current scenario that will surely become a HISTORY one day. A decade or two ago, shopping was mostly done from the Brick and Mortar shops where the shopkeepers attended their customers like Gods and, today, in the 21st century, online shopping sites have altered everything. What do you think- people still go to branded showrooms when they can buy the same brands and clothing online???

This is the real revolution.

Want to see how this is changing the world and its people?

Come on! Take a look at the youngsters, families, social groups, colleagues, friends, relatives and above all SISTERS (from different mothers too) to feel the essence of shopping in the lives of one and all. I know that everyone talks about fashion in a way to bring it into life, but some gossips turn out to be so memorable that you smile back at it whenever the memory flashes back.

I belong to a Christian family where since ages my grandmother, nanny and mum have worn all kinds of quintessential dresses and gowns just to look comfortable in their own words and supermodels in the friends’ world. Also, they were allowed to wear whatever they wanted, without ever being looked down by somebody for wearing such outfits. When I was ten, I remember the small chit-chat between my mum and her sis, Julie, that was so engrossing that I still can quote every bit of it and thus am sharing it with you guys too.


The scene was set when both (my mum and her sis) had to go to a birthday party, but were in a common dilemma of what to wear.

Mum: Hey Julie! I want to look the most glamorous at the party tonight, please, help me in deciding what colour to wear.

Julie: Darling! Do you remember Hema Malini’s pink dress that she wore in her last movie? I think we can get it in an hour from the boutique. Do you want to do that?

Mum: ummm….! Righttt! That colour would suit me too. Hey! For you, what I am thinking is, you must wear that black boat neck top and long skirt which mom took her on her honeymoon. What say?

Julie: Babe, I must say, you are a stylist. Great then! I’ll wear black and you go for that pink dress only with your heels that we bought yesterday.

Everything went so perfect that night and imagine- they both grabbed the utmost heart touching compliments from their pals that eve. Not only that, the next day my aunt even got a marriage proposal, how beautiful she must be looking!

Years passed by, but how can such confusions vanish from our lives??? Impossible is the word for that and see what I came across: my sister and her husband fell in the same conversation and obviously only she must be in trouble of what to choose, how to style it, from where to get something and then can it be done in a limited budget!!! Oh my gosh! So many questions from one husband, how he must have handled her? Let us see what happened next…
UntitledThe second scene happened when SHE (my sis) and HE planned to go to America on a holiday trip and before a month, her shopping habits took a new turn in their lives.

SHE: Honey! What do you think how many dresses should I take along with me to US?

HE: Sweetheart! We’ll be back in fifteen days and we are not settling there so, just pack the required numbers only.

SHE: Awww! No ways, I would be going to a new place, I need at least dozen of new outfits.

HE: Candy, won’t your dozen of things crash our budget this season? (Now afraid  of what he has spoken)

SHE: Whateverrr! For me shopping is must because it is about my beauty which will in turn make you feel proud.

He didn’t have more words and he didn’t have any other choice too rather spending on her shopping list.

Such scenes and fun filled memories are a must-haves in life. Women clothes online has taken such a deep dive in the fashion world that even if a young girl or a bunch of high school candies try to keep themselves away from buying anything new, the online shopping sites pull them with such a great force that they again desire to look like super models at the social gatherings. Fashion these days is lighting up the world of the divas and last weekend only, even I fell into this shopaholic zone with my bestie all of a sudden.

How fast the things change! Right? I just cannot even imagine that online shopping sites and women clothes online have changed the complete perception of all the age groups. And, why to go beyond anything, I have myself witnessed the changing scenario in my family since ages. Today, I met my niece and nephew, my goodness, both were looking super cute with red cheeks and in vibrant colours. I have always bought a number of dresses for both of them, but today I think they prefer to go along with me so that they can choose on their own (kids are the new supermodels). Last evening, they were at my place only when out of no where they just made a plan of shopping and how could I say NO to them, they are my angels, the fashion angels.

Well, all such conversations have become a part and parcel of life now because wherever you may go, you will find at least one of your friends or cousins doing the same gossip. This is the flavour of online shopping sites and women clothes online that has entirely changed the concept of shopping. The modern scenario and its people are so reluctant to go to markets, that they purchase everything by sitting at home only.You won’t even believe me that babies in the womb are also now known to the fact that what their parents are buying for them, which colours they are picking up and what styles they are thinking of to buy for them. This is the fashion fever- not even a single person can stay away from it.Moreover, I feel grateful to the team of StalkBuyLove who has always worked on its new deals, offers, categories and articles so well. Fly high guys, it is time to enjoy and let others also notice your style statements and remember one thing- there is no age bar of enjoying life with the essence of fashion. So, keep the spirit high and just make a few clicks to get your favourite colour and the most fashionable outfit for yourself and your loved ones.
UntitledThe scene was of an evening when we (my best friend and I) were walking down the lane talking about fashion and vogue in general; but but but, in no time we dragged this small topic into a debate.

She: Did you like Kareena Kapoor wearing such a short dress in her last modelling show? Don’t you think it gives a wrong message to the public?

Me: What are you talking! This is the young fashion and also, there is nothing wrong in wearing anything. It is all about comfort and how you carry it.

She: NO! I think comfort comes only when you and body remains 80% covered.

Me: So, you mean the school girls who daily wear skirts and which even you also used to, do not feel comfortable. Darling, it is all about what you think and how you pull it off. As no one ever forced you to wear full length gowns and long skirts, likewise there is nothing serious or complicated in befriending mini skirts too.

She: Yeah! I think you are right to some extent. It is one’s wish and sometimes the basic style of a person just becomes fashion for the rest.

The scene happened in the mid of online shopping when placing an order was a great disaster. Their colours and choices were so damn opposite (but God saved me at the end).

Baby Boy: I love online shopping sites because these let me have whatever I want and in less time too.

Baby Girl: Excusme! I think you are already done with your shopping when you went with dad last weekend. So, it is my turn to shop now.

Baby Boy: Huh! Buy just one skirt and that will is enough for you. I am a year elder than you so let me buy my stuff.

Baby Girl: Ohhh! You must have forgotten that mom’s scolding. Right? Shall I invite her here? What say? Come on, stay back.

Baby Boy: OK, fine. You do your boring shopping of pink colour.

Baby Girl: Huh! It is better than yours raw clothes and stuff.